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McReynolds Consulting - Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

What is the Roof Inspection & Evaluation Service?

This service reports on the condition and performance of a roof system, exterior walls, roof top equipment, and roof drainage devices. Our Roof Inspection and Evaluation Service provides due diligence inspections and investigations of severe weather events on roof systems.

The Inspection & Evaluation services are available for Residential and Commercial customers, Insurance Companies, Contractors, and Design Professionals

What Inspection Service does McReynolds Consulting Provide?

  • Determine general conditions as it relates to repair or replacement
  • Identify short/long term roofing expenditures
  • Forensic – Analyze Failure modes
  • Due Diligence / Pre-purchase analysis
  • Provide data for scope of work directives
  • Sample submission for testing
  • Compliant resolution
  • Moisture detection
  • Quality and assurance and “best practices” audits
  • Punch list inspections