Insurance Claims

McReynolds Consulting - Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

What do clients want during an insurance claim or a weather event roof inspection?

To be treated fairly and to deal with a competent, trust worthy inspector and company.

Why should you use a roof consultant vs. other inspection services?

  1. McReynolds Consulting continually evaluates roofing products and roofing systems that experience severe weather events for loss of remaining service life.
  2. Other inspection service companies may only perform wind and hail inspection seasonally or as a secondary business.
  3. McReynolds Consulting provides honest and accurate roof assessments for weather events.

Does McReynolds Consulting install roofs?

No, McReynolds Consulting does not install roofs or perform free roof inspections.

Does McReynolds Consulting provide Umpire Services?

Yes, for select roofing systems and clients.

Who is the customer base for McReynolds Consulting?

Insurance companies, roofing contractors, and building owners.