About MCRC

McReynolds Consulting is a member of HomeAdvisor, BEST's, and RCI

About McReynolds Consulting

McReynolds Consulting was founded in 2008 by Richard L. McReynolds. His background in construction and building materials began during the early 1970’s. During this time, his construction practices and installation methods were developed.

During the next 32 years McReynolds held regional sales and technical manager positions with GAFMC and Tamko Roofing Co. He participated with contractors, building owners and roof system designers on projects from $5,000 to $65 million. These projects were installed in coastal, desert, mountain areas, and plains states.

McReynolds has directed a company warranty service program that had twelve quality assurance inspectors and 900 approved contractors.

McReynolds has experience dealing with companies with fewer than five employees and other businesses with sales revenue of $3 billion.

McReynolds was a guest lecturer at the Roofing Industry Educational Institute for eight years.