Roof Service Design

McReynolds Consulting - Roof Service Design

Roof Design Service

What is Roof Design Service?

New or reroof projects consist of the following:

  • Project specifications
  • Design details
  • Roof plans, drawings, and construction documents
  • Provide value engineering

Maintenance, Repair, and Restoration Projects consists of the following:

  • Scope of work
  • Utilization of manufacturers guidelines
  • Construction Documents

What Roofing Design Services does McReynolds Consulting Provide?

McReynolds Consulting will assist the owner with a detailed review of plans, specifications, details, and scope of work. The review will include an assessment with special attention to quality, safety, and code compliance of the methods to attain “best practices”.

McReynolds Consulting will also attend pre-construction meetings and job walks.

McReynolds Consulting will produce a scope of work and bid documents that are accurate and economical.