Aerial Leak Finder/Drone Service

Aerial Leak Finder Technology & Drone Services

What is Aerial Leak Finder?

Areal Leak Finder identifies hidden roof leaks via aerial drone roof scan technology.

Why use Aerial Leak Finder infra red scan technology?

Hand held infra red “IR” roof scan technology has been used in the roofing industry for decades.

Aerial IR drone roof scan technology provides:

  • enhanced thermal images of wet and dry surfaces
  • ability to scan large wall or roof surfaces safely and quickly
  • enhanced high resolution photo images

  • What makes a roof moisture survey “Aerial Leak Finder Service” the best and safest choice for IR roof scans?

    McReynolds Consulting combines Aerial Leak Finder technology and 35 years of roof investigation experience to provide quality roof moisture survey that exceed the competition.